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Massage vs. Massage Therapy

16 May

Listening: Pandora Radio- Dean Martin

Reading: The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman

bishop yoga and pilates

This afternoon I had my first massage therapy session since my hip surgery. Mary Devore at  Bishop Yoga and Pilates Center is well known in the small town of Bishop, and was recommended by my physical therapist. The center is off the main road, downtown, in a building with a yoga studio and several rooms for massage.

What an experience. I have had massages before, but never a therapy session like this. She started with having me stand, checking my posture, stance and alignment. As I lay on the table she pushed pressure points in my hip and lower back, causing reactions in different parts of my body. She began the traditional massage on my back, releasing the muscles along my spine. She then pressed inward to my hip, deep into my hip… Ow! The muscles in my hip were tight; she used a method of resistance to flex then release the muscles she was working on. By the end of the session I felt as if I had been in an hour long intense workout class rather than an hour long massage. After icing when I got home the difference was apparent, I felt comfortable walking without my crutch, there was less of a pinch in my hip while sitting, and my back pain was gone. I can only hope that this is the beginning of the upside of my surgery.

cashew cookingOf course, Cashew was ecstatic when i got home, not leaving my side, even while I was making lunch.